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Nearly 20 million people have voted for the US presidential election so far

For the Presidential elections to be held in the USA on November 3, approximately 20 million people cast their votes with various early voting methods.

Nearly 20 million people have voted for the US presidential election so far
17 Ekim 2020 - 13:48

Presidential elections to be held on November 3 in the USA are days away. The election race is heating up between Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. According to the data released by the US Election Project, around 20 million people have already cast their votes with early voting, days before the November 3rd election. Stating that 6 million people voted in the same period in the 2016 election, the project stated that the votes cast so far corresponded to 15.7 percent of the votes in 2016. He added that this could mean that the voters have already decided. The state record for early voting was broken in Georgia, with 126,876 people voting on Monday. In the state of Ohio, 2.4 million people demanded to vote by mail, this figure doubled compared to 2016. In some states, citizens had to wait close to 11 hours due to long queues in early voting centers.


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